Manure can be thought of as a mixture of water, minerals, and organic components. Being a valuable source of plant nutrients, manure can be treated so that you will see your farm profitability increases through the years. See in these sections different solutions allowing you for liquid recycling or recovering of the fiber contained in manure.

Decanter centrifuges can be used for manure separation and /or thickening prior to anaerobic digestion as well as for dewatering after anaerobic digestion. A wide range of manure slurry feed rates, feed solids concentrations and feed materials can be centrifuged. On the one hand you get recycled solid matter in the form of organics and on the other an enhanced concentration of nutrients in the liquid part, which is readily pumped and easy to transport. Liquid occupies a smaller volume, thus increasing existing storage capacity. Solids are easily stackable and remain stable when stored. They can be used for further treatment in composting and bedding recovery.

Manure Sample Processing LIne

Manure Sample Processing LIne


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November 27, 2017

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