Application:2- and 3-phase decanters separator set standards for crud treatment and solvent recovery.

3-phase decanter separates the crud into solids, aqueous phase and organic phase. In the cylindrical section of the bowl, the aqueous and the organic liquid phases are simultaneously separated and clarified, whereas the conical part of the bowl is used for dewatering the solids. The scroll conveys the solids to the solids discharge. The aqueous phase is discharged under gravity while the solvent is discharged from the decanter by means of a paring disc under the exclusion of air.

In 2-phase decanters, the clay is removed from the suspension so that the customer receives a virtually solids-free clarified organic phase. The solid-wall bowl of the 2-phase decanter illustrated in the diagram  has a cylindrical section for efficient separation and clarification of the suspension as well as a conical section for efficient dewatering of the separated clay. The product is continuously fed into the rotating bowl via the feed tube and is accelerated to bowl speed. The clay sediments on the interior wall of the bowl due to centrifugal force; it is then scraped off by the armour-plated scroll and conveyed to the solids dis-charge.


Metallurgy Sample Processing Line

Metallurgy Sample Processing Line


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November 27, 2017

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