Virgin Coconut oil / MCT cold Produce Technique

Virgin Coconut oil / MCT cold press coconut oil produce technique

Crown Machinery Tech virgin coconut oil processing adopt the most innovative , advanced and most quality machinery in China , nowday we can provide the turn-key project based on various capacity from difference coconut harvest area (we can also train farmer how to harvest the coconut from coconut starting to the finish oil). Our tech used the cold press wet method and it kept the organic of the raw coconut oil . From our more than 50 coconut production line experience , the food grade processing status is the most important for all coconut oil manufacturer , our Crown Machinery supply the best quality with high food grade machinery to process the all coconut products and our machinery fit to the Haccp , SGS.

Dehusking machine

To remove husk or coir from raw coconuts with teeth knife install on a rotating roller. The machine is known as the advantage of its high performance, easy maintenance and robust construction.

Deshelling machine

Machine in function of detach the hard shell from dehusked coconut via a rotating disc cutter, the blades are specially designed to remove the inner shell with outstanding precision. It required an operator to hold the coconut while in working position. Ease operation and safety are the salient features of deshelling machine.

Deshelling capacity: 500~1000 coconuts/H, Number of cutting stations: 1~2, Number of shelling station:2~4, Number of operator: 2~4, Motor power: 1.1 kw~2.2 kw.

Coconut paring machine

Serve the purpose of peeling the brown and soft outer seed coat or testa. The rugged blade peels off the testa with minimal wastage. It required an operator to hold the coconut during the process.

Capacity: 100~350 pcs/H, Motor power: 0.75 kw. Material: SUS 304

Washing machine

Washing coconut meat under the combined operation of air bubble, surfing, hoisting and spraying. The flushing water can be reused after filtering.

Capacity: 1 t/H, Material: main body SUS 304, food-grade plastic chain board baffle, Motor power: 0.75 kw+1.1 kw high pressure fan+0.75 kw pump, Dimensions: 3500*1000*1650 mm.

Meet crushing machine

A hammer mill that continuous crush bulk coconut meat into small pieces, prepare for the grinding process conveniently. All wet parts are made of SS304 stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and food-safe.

Capacity: 1.0 ~ 2.0 t/H, Motor power: 4~7.5 kw, Operation: Auto, Material: SUS 304

Meat griding machine

Serve the purpose of peeling the brown and soft outer seed coat or testa into 2-3 mm small granules under centrifugal force of the serrated rotor which works for preparing for milk extraction.

Capacity: 0.5~2.5 t/H , Motor power: 4~7.5 kw, Operation: Auto, Material: SUS 304


Milk extracting machine

Squeezing the coconut meat with a rotating screw to obtain coconut milk. And then the liquid milk flow out from the bottom hopper and the coconut powder slides out from the front spout.

Capacity: 0.5 ~ 1.0 t/H, Motor power: 4~15 kw, Operation: Auto, Material: SUS 304

Decanter centrifuge

Decanter Centrifuges are popular solid-and-liquid separators used in multiple industries for a wide array of products. Decanters are used for the extraction of liquids from large proportions of solids. It makes use of medium-low speed suspension to process larger capacities of solids as compared to a Basket Centrifuge.


Disc stack centrifuge

Disc Stack Centrifuge is a high-speed, mechanical centrifuge used for the separation and purification of mixtures comprising of solids and liquids.

These machines can be used in a wide range of applications. For example, it can be used in extracting procedures for oil, for basic oil and water separation, and for filtration or the removal of impurities of any solid or liquid product.

Tubular Separator (Oil industrial model)

Tubular Separator is Crown Machinery’s most popular product to date. The company has been continuously improving its design for about 30 years already.

It is a high-speed centrifuge used in a variety of biological processes: from cellular harvesting up to the separation and purification of chemicals, food, blood, and even medicine.

Filter centrifuge

Filter Centrifuges  widely used in the F&B Industry apply for oil extracting machines, separate the liquid from pomace through its basket-shaped filter. It works on the principle of centrifugal force which is a high-speed revolution of solids within a metal basket and liquid is secreted out from the fast-shrinking solids revolving inside. It is also used in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industries

Centrifugal pump

Pumping the fluid to tank, which is capable to adjust the flow rate from 1 ~ 400 M³/h.

Screw Pump

Pumping the fluid to tank, which is capable to adjust the flow rate from 1 ~ 400 M³/h.

Holding tank

Storage the final VCO (Virgin coconut oil) product.


Varieties hoists serve the purpose of lift and transport coconut with different form. The length and height of machine should adapt the condition of working shop and process.


Conveyor system allow quick and efficient transportation.


Filling machine

Customized  filling machine equipment according to customer requirements,Check link :

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