Blow Molding Machine

Crown Machinery™ Linear PET Stretch Blow Molding Machine

We’re the manufacturer of linear PET stretch blow molding equipment in China,100%designed, built and serviced our customers in domestic & foreign countries. We can also offer turnkey installations for liquid filling projects.

Our linear blowing machines are designed to keep the energy and air consumption to a minimum rate. Self developed efficient oven system and the air recycling are integrated parts of our delivered products with direct impact on your product cost structure. The automation and control of the system is carried out by means of a touch screen graphical interface with an easy access to all the parameters related to the machine and to the process.

Main Parameter of Molding Machine

Container Applications

moulding bottles

All the series are specially designed for blowing PET material bottles. And PET has various and safe applications in many industries like textile and food industries. In modern days, it has been widely used in packaging water, juice, cosmetics and chemical products. Its main characteristics are:

 It’s transparent but can take colourants.
 It’s very resistant to chemical and thermal wear-out.
 It can also be recycled.
 Shapes with no limits.

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