Coffee and Instant Coffee

Mechanical separation technology has a decisive influence on coffee quality and production efficiency in the manufacture of coffee and instant coffee. With Crown Machinery Centrifuges, the process of separating the insoluble coffee bean components from the valuable coffee extract.  it is possible to obtain maximum yield from the valuable coffee beans, and ensure high coffee quality in an economical way.

The areas of application for decanters and separators are summarized as follows.

  • Clarification of thin extract
  • Clarification of thick extract
  • Optimizing yields using decanters

The separator is outstandingly suited to refining the thin and thick extract, and is characterised by its large refining surface as well as a quick and exact discharge system. This achieves outstanding results in coffee refining, with minimum extract losses.

The decanters are used for extract recovery from the separator slurries, and thus make a decisive contribution to increasing overall yield.

Sample Coffee & Instant Coffee Line Configuration

Sample Coffee & Instant Coffee Line Configuration


Posted on

November 27, 2017

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