We offer the beverage industry decanters and separators that incorporate innovative technologies to ensure gentle product handling and maximum clarification of liquids. Solids are ejected from the separator bowl at full running speed to maximize operational efficiency.

Our multi-purpose separators and decanters can be incorporated into a complete new plant, or integrated into an existing plant or process. To meet the demands of the brewery and wine industry Crown Machinery has developed an innovative decanter centrifuge to carry out de-juicing and clarification of mash, juice and wine across the whole wine-making process.

During the whole wine making operation, clarification plays an important role. Thus an efficient clarification system often determines the taste, aroma, and character of the wine and therefore its overall quality and its market value.

The combination of decanters and disc centrifuges ensures a very efficient, cost-effective clarification of wine. Quality, color, and clarity are decisive selling points. Crown Machinery decanters and disc centrifuges especially designed for winery make an essential contribution to this goal.

Example Machines Configurations

DGS 400 Disc Centrifuge

DGS 400 Disc Centrifuge

HDC series Decanter centrifuge

HDC series Decanter centrifuge


Centrifuge Solutions of Beverage

Quality is the most significant elements in wine industry. Nowadays, disc centrifuges have become indispensable in wineries for fine clarification.

Due to the special design, disc centrifuges work at higher rotating speed than other centrifuges such as decanters. As a result, the centrifugal acceleration generated by discs is much more powerful which means it’s efficient to separate ultra fine solid content from the liquid.


Example Line Configurations

Beer Manufacturing Line Setup

Wine Manufacturing Line Setup

Wine Manufacturing Line Setup



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