Virgin Coconut Oil Processing Line

For a long time,Coconut provide people the food, beverages, medicine, fuel, housing, wealth and health products . Coconut food is a nutrient-rich and not lit the nutritional health care products, many characteristics are similar the breast milk. Coconut oil is recognized as the best edible oil, and the virgin coconut oil (VCO) is one of the most abundant nutrition with a variety of health functions without any chemical process or ingredients., its main ingredient is the medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), which not only can promote the body absorb nutrition and improve digestive function, but also can regulate the body’s blood glucose levels, more important is that it can enhance the body’s defense function to avoid the invasion of harmful micro-organisms.

At Crown Machinery we don’t only offer products but we offer solutions also. For entrepreneurs and business establishments who are interested in manufacturing Virgin Coconut Oil we offer our products as turnkey project that includes supply of machines, installation, commissioning and training. The plant capacities we offer range from 300 nuts per hour and above.

We recommend VCO plants to adopt high speed centrifugal cold press method to harvest the best quality virgin coconut oil. The virgin coconut oil extraction takes place through different steps, which includes coconut dehusking, deshelling, peeling (paring),disintegration(grinding), milk extraction andcoconut oil extraction. And the coconut byproducts have economic benefits as well.Please refer our coconut processing machines link for the details of each machine.



For the extraction and processing of raw coconut oil, we have a full set of mature technology and equipment system, nowadays, we have successed in cooperating with many VCO plants where located in Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippine etc. Welcome to contact us for further information.


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