Ultra-speed Tubular Separator in red ginseng extract

Red ginseng (simplified Chinese: 红参; ) is steamed and dried ginseng, which has reddish color. Red ginseng is less vulnerable to decay than white ginseng. It is ginseng that has been peeled, heated through steaming at standard boiling temperatures of 100 °C (212 °F), and then dried or sun-dried. It is frequently marinated in an herbal brew which results in the root becoming extremely brittle.

The separation factor of the Tubular Separator is highly as 13,000 to 20,000, which provide a better result of separator. Suitable for treating solid particles with a diameter of 0.1 to 100 μm, a solid phase concentration less than 1%, and density difference between a light phase and a heavy phase of more than 0.01 kg/dm suspension or emulsion. Processing capacity achieve 0.1 to 2 m³/h.

Currently on the market, Ultra-speed Tubular Separators can be used for separation and concentration of plant extraction, red ginseng extract. The extract industry is a technology-dependent industry, with the rapid development of China’s plant extract industry and the demand for related medicine research and development, advanced extraction processes and equipment are the key to improving the quality of products.

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