Crown machinery co ltd as a centrifuge manufacturer, received request from every trade, pharmaceutical always has GMP standard for design and manufacture of centrifuge equipment, thus crown machinery consider following subject:

*Purification, cleaning and sterilization: Cleaning(CIP) and sterilization(SIP) technology of centrifuge equipment which is an effective method to control cross contamination, also require technical support of equipment structure and control.

* Materials, appearance and safety: the materials make contact with dealing material shall not affect the property, purity and quality, and shall be non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, and  no chemical reaction with the substances in contact. 

*Online detection, control and verification: online detection and control is to meet the conditions of safety and continuous production, and need the application of advanced technologies such as digital display, analysis, recording, program control and alarm. Verification is a documented activity to systematically confirm the quality of pharmaceutical equipment, which includes four stages: design confirmation, installation confirmation, operation confirmation and performance confirmation. The user must pass the above verification before putting the equipment into use. The manufacturer of pharmaceutical of centrifuge equipment must be conformity of product design with GMP in the R & D stage.

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