Slaughtering wastewater is sourcing of enclosures washing, leaching, slaughtering, plant floor washing, scalding, dissection, animal residues, blood and water.

The main components of waste water that include blood in the waste water mainly contains liquid, grease, minced meat, bone residue, hair and feces, etc. The COD (chemical Oxygen Demand) of the slaughtering sewage is about 2500-3000. 

– The suspended solid content in the sewage is relatively high. By adding flocculant (PAC / PAM) via Air Floating Machine effectively remove large amount of suspended solid in the waste water, which provide favorable conditions for subsequent biochemical treatment.

– Then via a sewage decanter centrifuge can dehydrate the liquid and discharge the sludge, transfer water to the disinfection tank, remove E. coli to achieve effluent discharge standard by a Chlorine dioxide sterilizer.

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