A production process of selenium citrate, which uses selenium carbonate or selenium oxide as raw material to react with edible citric acid to prepare selenium citrate, processed by concentration, centrifugural and drying to produce selenium citrate, which is by the following steps:

  • dissolving food grade citric acid with water to form 30-40% citric acid aqueous solution, and heating to above 70 ° C ;
  • Adding selenium carbonate or selenium oxide slowly into the citric acid aqueous solution in previous step for neutralization reaction to produce selenium citrate;
  • The selenium citrate prepared in previous step is poured into a blender and stirred for 30 ~ 35min,  then put into a centrifugal dehydration via separator;
  • The dehydrated selenium citrate was obtain by fed into 85 ~ 90 ° Selenium citrate was obtained by drying for 90 ~ 100min in the drying oven.

Centrifuge serve the purpose of material dehydration, through physical way provide sage and efficient solution of material dehydration, not only for selenium citrate, also capable for other industry.

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