VCO is the acronym for Virgin Coconut Oil and it the most valuable substance one can obtain from coconuts, Crown Machinery, for more than 10 years, is highly trained and accredited to use various centrifuges in manufacturing and extracting VCO. There are 3 main processes to produce VCO: Dry Process, Wet Process, and Fermentation process. The Wet and Fermentation processes are done through treating coconut milk which has been squeezed from the white meat and is harvested to VCO. The Dry Process is done through the pressing of the dried kernel or copra to obtain the VCO. Crown Machinery have mastered all 3 processes and supply relative equipment as well as the complete processing line.


Crown Machinery VCO manufacturing is known to produce high yield, products with outstanding quality, as well as low process and energy costs. The Wet Process is done by centrifuges by developing VCO extract at a right temperature that is lower than 60℃. This will help maintain the freshness and natural components of the final product oil which is colorless, sediment free, and has an organic coconut scent. It also tastes much lighter than the oil extracted from a dried coconut. The procedure is completely done without any chemical additive which is the best for human health and nutrition.


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