During the industrial process of wastewater treatment, huge quantity of sludge is produced. The sludge needs to be disposed of or having further treatment. One of the treatment methods available is thickening the sludge by using solid bowl centrifuges.

Waste water or Sludge series decanter centrifuges from Crown Machinery provides effective concentration, dehydration during the waste water treatment process, also apply to the working water purification and reuse.  For the high pH value material, highly corrosion proof material of the wetted parts is adapted.

Waste Water or Sludge Thickening and Dewatering

In sludge thickening, surplus sludge, which is generated during the biological stages, is concentrated from 1 % or less total solids content to 5 – 8 % before it is pumped into the digester. As a result, the amount of sludge is reduced by 90 to 95 % in volume.

Regardless of whether the sludge is transported after dewatering, reused as fertilizer, disposed of in landfills or incinerated – maximum dryness is the most critical factor.The other key factors are cost efficiency in terms of consumption of polymers, energy, water and spare parts, as well as continuous, automatic operation at minimal costs.

Decanters stand out from the competition with their reliability and cost efficiency.

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