Tea or Instant Tea

Cup of tea with mint, isolated on white


Instant tea as a soluble tea is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, people enjoy the refreshing, natural ice-tea and the many tea-mix beverages. Fine black tea has its stimulating effect, and added lemon juice or other fruit juices can provide the tea with a distinct taste. Instant green teas and Oolong teas have become aggresively popular in Asia. Tea extract in powder or granulate form (lemon tea for example) are bought in every shop or supermarket all over the world.

The tea industry therefore uses centrifuges in the production of:

  • Producing tea extract
  • Manufacturing instant tea


For making instant tea, the active substances of the tea leaves are extracted from the leaf cells by means of aqueous extraction. The decanter ensures optimum dewatering of the tea leaves and removes all residues, leaving none behind. The larger particles can be removed after the initial extraction process by means of decanters. In order to boost the yield, the separated tea leaf components which still contain soluble components are extracted a second time by a separator. This produces high-quality instant tea that meets all quality requirements.


Tea and Instant Tea Sample Processing Line

Tea and Instant Tea Sample Processing Line

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