Plant Extraction


Plant Extraction is defined as concentrated preparations of liquid, solid or viscous consistency. Plant extracts can be used for pharmacy to produce useful medicines and other drugs. Plant extracts are also used in some beauty products (shampoo, soap, perfume…etc.) and even food flavoring (such as vanilla extract).

Extraction is a separating process where separators and decanters operate in a gas-tight and explosion-proof design ensuring gentle separation. This is most commonly used for medical purposes. Whether it is liquid-liquid, liquid-liquid-solid, liquid-solid, or a single-stage or a multistage method, Crown Machinery centrifuges covers most of these methods and modes of operation in the plant extraction industry.

Applications of separators and decanters:

  • Alkaloids [Morphine / Codeine / Caffeine / Cocaine / Ergot / Quinine / Rauwolfia / Digitalis]
  • Herbal medicines
  • Medicinal tea
  • Essential oil
  • Scents / Aromatic Materials
  • Antibiotics [Penicillin / Erythromycin / Tetracyclin / Bacitracin / Clavulanic acid / Cyclosporine]
  • Steroids / Hormones [Corticosteroid / Growth hormone / Testosterone ]
  • Vitamins
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