Paper Making Sludge

Wastewater characteristics of a Paper Factory:

The paper industry normally use straw and wood pulp as raw materials. The waste water of paper makes use of complex compositions with high organic wastewater concentration and high suspended solids content to become biodegradable organic wastewater.

Alkaline paper method is discharged via three main waste water procedures:

  1. 1. Wood pulp cooking generated waste which is also known as black liquor.
  2. 2. Beating machine and pulp machine discharge of waste water called beating wastewater.
  3. 3. Reusable paper machine wastewater known as white water.


Application of Decanter Centrifuge in Wastewater Treatment of Paper Mill

Paper Making Sludge Sample Processing Line

Paper Making Sludge Sample Processing Line

The Decanter Centrifuge is mainly used in the sewage treatment process of sludge dehydration, the removal of COD, BOD, and SS, wherein large amount of waste water will produced.

The traditional separation equipment frame filter or belt dryer was used to execute this process. But with the decanter centrifuge technology breakthrough, the new sewage plants and factories have mostly selected the decanter centrifuge equipment as the main waste water dehydration equipment.


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