Lanolin Recovery System


Lanolin is the best oil grease extracted from natural wool. Today, the biggest wool producing country is Australia. Lanolin has many usages in our daily life, such as being a rust protection agent, for cosmetics, and as a first class lubrication media. It may be the by-product of the wool factory, but it is still very valuable. Factories hope to get more of that pure Lanolin to get more profit. In the other hand, they have to separate the lanolin to meet the environmental effluent standard.

Under is the Crown Machinery supply with the complete processing line and recovery:



Sewage Treatment Line


Waste washed water    –>  Heat Exchanger  –>   NO.1 Centrifuge –>   NO.2 Centrifuge –>

NO.3 centrifuge  –>   Lanolin Recovery

Lanolin recovery sample processing line

Lanolin recovery sample processing line

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