Industrial Wastewater / Sewage Treatment


In industrial production, there will be a large number of sewage generated if handled improperly. The sewage will continue cause serious pollution to the environment. The Crown Machinery decanter centrifuge efficiently handles all kinds of sewage, sludge dewatering, and recycling, to minimize the damage to the environment.



Crown Machinery decanters offer an environmentally friendly solution to the following applications in the processing industry:

  • Processing of sand washing water and gravel wash water
  • Cleaning wastewater and exhaust gases in steelworks
  • Cleaning and processing of tar in coking plants
  • Processing of wastewater containing oil
  • Processing of oil sludge from ponds and lagoons
  • Processing of residues containing oil from the cleaning of crude oil tanks
  • Processing of drilling slurry, drilling emulsion and drilling muds
  • Processing of ore and minerals
Industrial Waste Water Sample Processing Line

Industrial Waste Water Sample Processing Line

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