Fuel Purification



High Speed Centrifuge for Fuel Oil Purification

Unreliable fuel oil prices and more stringent emissions controls are putting increasing pressure on ship owners and diesel power plant operators. To address these challenges and improve overall performance, owners and operators are now undertaking measures, such as the reduction of engine speed and the introduction of emission control technologies to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Waste fuel oil recovery from sludge and substantial sludge minimization is achieved by Crown Machinery through its decanter-disc centrifuge fuel purification system which is gaining ground as an effective fuel and emissions reduction method.



Decanter to Disc Centrifuge Fuel Purification

When you purify your fuel, you should use a method that will remove both the particles and the water from the fuel.

*Decanter Centrifuge: Passing the Fuel Through a Media -Removes Particles *Disc Centrifuge: Passing the Fuel Through a Media -Removes Water and Lower Solids


The Disc centrifuge is used to separate two liquids with different proportion which is arranged to separate impurities and small amounts of water from oil. The mission of the decanter is to remove large solid particles and reduce the solid content to facilitate the fuel oil into the disc centrifuge.

  • Consequences of Using Dirty or Wet Fuel:
  • *Engine failure
  • *Poor engine performance including increased emissions
  • *Increased maintenance cycle
  • *Shortened engine life


The separation of impurities and water from fuel oil is essential for good combustion. The removal of contaminating impurities from fuel oil will reduce engine wear and possible breakdowns.

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