Fermentation Liquor

Bubbles the wort red wine during fermentation, closeup, background


Yeast Fermentation & Separation Process

The yeast is fermented in a large, liquid tank and reaches fermentation through the high-speed centrifugation collecting bacteria. Because of the temperature, we can determine the next process for the bacteria through either a spray drying method or a freeze-drying method. To obtain powder from it, it is critical to ensure that the bacteria remains active in its environment. The use of Crown Machinery’s high-speed separator is the best choice for keeping bacteria concentrated in a low temperature.



Types of Fermentation:

  1. 1. Its relative molecular weight classification can be divided into relative molecular weight less than or greater than 1000 two types of products.
  2. 2. According to its location, the product can be divided into intracellular and extracellular products.

Characteristics of Fermentation Broth:

  1. 1. Low concentration of the fermentation product in the broth
  2. 2. The fermentation broth is normally a multi-component mixture
  3. 3. Lack of stability of the fermentation products


Pre-treatment of Fermentation Broth

There are various fermentation products. Due to the different strains and different characteristics of the fermentation broth, the choice of its pre-treatment methods are also different. Most of the fermentation products are present in the fermentation broth but a small number of products are present in the cell, (or both in the fermentation broth and in the cell) whether the product is intracellular or extracellular. The fermentation broth is filtered and pre-treated, separated by solid and liquid, and then the physical and chemical methods are used to extract the metabolites from the clarified filtrate, or the cells are disrupted from the cells, the fragments are separated and the intracellular products are extracted. The method of pre-treatment depends entirely on the nature of the separable substance, such as the stability of pH and heat, whether it is protein or non-protein, the quality and size of the molecule, and so on.


Separation Method of Fermentation Broth

The liquid-to-solid separation process of fermentation broth is an important unit operation often encountered in the production of biological products. Medium fermentation broth are some intermediate products and semi-finished products that need to solid-liquid separation. There are a lot of methods in the biological industry but, in a conventional method of separation, sieve, gravity sedimentation, flotation separation, centrifugal separation, and filtration occurs. Mainly, the solid liquor separation of fermentation broth is done by centrifugal separation and filtration.

Fermentation liquor sample processing line

Fermentation liquor sample processing line

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