Citrus Essential Oil



When processing citrus fruits, this essential oil which is contained in the lemon’s skin is generated as a by-product. Depending on the extraction system, there may further be multiple uses for the citrus peels beyond the usual pelletizing. It is possible to dewater the milled peels using a Belt Press in order to increase extraction yields. After which, the residues can be processed to produce animal feed.

A more modern method of extraction (and is less labor-intensive) is termed the “ecuelle a piquer” process which involves a prodding, pricking, sticking action to release the essential oil. During this process, the rind of the fruit is placed in a container having spikes that will puncture the peel while the device is rotated. The puncturing of the rind will release the essential oil that is then collected in a small area below the container. The end process is the same as the aforementioned. The majority of modern extraction techniques are accomplished by using machines operating at centrifugal force. The spinning in a centrifuge separates the majority of essential oil from the fruit juice.

Using Crown Machinery centrifuges, it is possible to recover this oil from the emulsion through a number of separation and purification methods.

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