Recoverable blood constitutes 3–4% of most animals. This blood is often discarded along with other offal. With the right equipment, however, this blood component can be used as raw material for products for human consumption as well as for technical products. Animal blood consists of plasma and red cells (also called haemoglobin). The plasma is a functional protein with commercial potential for human consumption. The red blood cells are usually put to non-edible use, in dried form.

Blood centrifuge is kind of equipment which working for animal blood deep processing, under centrifugal force, separating blood plasma and blood cell.

This type is an ideal equipment for working under certain processing condition in centrifugal mode specialized for animal blood separation, which mainly working for liquid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid-solid separation, minimum size as 1 micron, especially for the small difference in specific gravity, fineness solid particle size, low content raw material separation and clarity.

With advantages of large amount handling capacity, high blood plasma yield, low blood cell broken rate, continuous and stable running, safety operation, all blood through part material as stainless steel, widely uses for biological, pharmaceutical, food stuff and fine chemical industries.

Blood is a valuable protein product with the same nutritive value as meat proteins and can therefore be used in quite a number of food products.

Blood meal

Blood meal is pretty much as the name says. It is dried animal blood and the blood is collected after the animals are killed and then dried to make a powder.

Raw blood into high-value products It has long been standard practice for much of the blood from animal slaughterhouses to be coagulated, dewatered and dried into blood meal, which is then sold as animal feed.

However, blood that has been collected in a suitably hygienic manner can now be processed to make it suitable for human consumption as a food ingredient. This represents considerably greater commercial value.

Animal blood consists of plasma and red cells (also called haemoglobin). The plasma is normally yellowish in color and constitutes up to 60% of the raw blood – and is a functional protein with commercial potential. The red blood cells are usually put to non-edible use, but can also be dried into functional and flavour edible protein in powder form.

To be sold as high-value products, edible proteins in the form of plasma powder or concentrated plasma must be processed with the utmost care. This means minimizing any air and water present, as well as avoiding any shear effect that might rupture red blood cells and turn plasma red.

Controlled temperature

Because of its high nutritional value, blood is particularly susceptible to bacterial growth.

Rigorous control of the temperature of the raw blood and plasma is therefore necessary in order to ensure an end-product that meets the exceptionally stringent requirements associated with food-quality ingredients.

Know-how makes the difference With years of experience in supplying processing systems for a vast range of different edible products,Crown machinery has built up unparalleled know-how and experience in the use of proteins as added-value ingredients. We can now help your company move further up the protein value chain by turning raw animal blood into high-value protein fractions.

This makes us the natural choice for companies that want to establish an effective working relationship with an experienced specialist in this field.

Animal blood into edible proteins

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