The system designed & manufacturer by Crown Machinery Co Ltd including  following sections:

  1.  material crushing section
  2. fluid extraction section
  3. centrifugal separation section
  4. membrane filtration section

Technological process:

Crushing the raw material into powder, then through the liquid purification and extraction section, the extracted liquid is transported to centrifugal separation section , under the centrifugal force, the solid & liquid or liquid & liquid are layered through the centrifuge/separator, and taken the liquid phase. Different types of separation equipment are selected according to the needs, and the heavy metals and pesticide residues are removed through the subsequent filtration membrane purification. According to the customer’s specific product types and requirements, configure the subsequent drying, mixing and packaging.


  1. This integrated system can realize automatic operation to reduce labor cost.
  2. The structure of this integrated system’s equipment of each section can be adjusted according to the needs of customers.
  3. This integrated system can completely separate and extract the effective components of plants.

The separation and extraction technology of plant effective components is a strategic high-tech. an important direction is to separate effective components from natural plants through the integration of efficient separation and purification technology and the development and production of equipment, so as to form new products with high added value and improve the utilization rate of resources.

The effective components contained in plants are the material basis that determines the characteristics of plants. Plants take solar energy as energy and form a variety of effective components through a series of life activities, which determines the morphological characteristics and utilization value of plants. The coordination and unification of effective components in plants determines the quality and drinking value of plants. In the final analysis, the effective components of plants are the substances that determine the various characteristics of plants.

Scientific research at home and abroad has proved that the effective components of plants have significant functions and are more healthy than synthetic ones. The functions of plant active ingredients include: scavenging human free radicals and improving immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti radiation, anti-cancer, reducing blood lipids and so on. Therefore, the functional components of plants have been widely used in medicine, health care, food and other fields, and have a huge potential market. The comprehensive development of functional components of plants is an effective way to promote human health and solve the outlet of medium and low-grade plants in China.

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