Nozzle separator is one of separators with nozzle around the bowl. It is Used in concentrating beer with yeast content 10%-30%. It is widely used in concentrating in the industries as wine, brewage and pigment.

It is made up of feed and discharge device, bowl, hood, driving device vertical, driving device horizontal, frame and motor.  Bowl has been precise dynamic balance test . Power drive adopts the triction clutch, Transfer power by the fluid, start reliably, prevent overland. Guarantee working precision of the machine.

When working, The mixture fluid to be processed are fed to the bowl from feeding pipe, Under the effects of centrifugal force, the solids which has heavier density collects on the bowl wall, it include barms and yeasts, simultaneity. the separated solids are ejected from the nozzle under the bowl . The lighter liquid flow along the inner side of the discs into the passage in the distributor,the lighter product is discharged from the machine by the centripetal pump. Thus the machine can work continuously for a long time, attain good separation effects in long run.

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