Crown Machinery Co., Ltd. Is a professional disc centrifuge/separator equipment manufacturer, disc centrifuge series including three-phase(liquid-liquid-solid separation)and two-phase(solid-liquid separation) type of centrifuge, suitable for the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine under various conditions and requirements. Adopted with varieties of water extract, semi-finished products and syrup products.

To boiled and extracted liquid can enter the disc separator for separation after a coarse filtration equipment. The output of the centrifuge is basically consistent with that of the boiling and extracting equipment in front of the production plant. The separated impurities can be discharged from the sewage outlet at any time according to the impurity content. Each sewage discharge time is only about 25 seconds without shutdown. The separated liquid medicine can enter the concentration equipment for concentration, which reduces the settling time and ensures the continuity of the production process. At the same time, because it is hot liquid separation, the separated liquid can be concentrated, which eliminates the loss of hot steam from the original static sedimentation, improves the environmental sanitation, reduces the heating time and saves energy. The whole production process is carried out in closed pipes and containers. The machine has convenient operation and stable performance, which creates conditions for the mechanization and continuity of Chinese patent medicine production. It has a great effect on changing the production environment of pharmaceutical factories, civilized production, preventing bacterial contamination and improving medicine quality.

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