The raw milk goes through feeding pipe enters into the bowl, and the discs stack are fixed on the hood and on the central distributor of bowl, raw milk enter the longitudinal direction with a certain distance from the boundary of discs. In the arranged distribution holes, the milk is in the dividing channel of the disc, under the centrifugal force of the high-speed rotation of the drum, the particles or balls in the milk are separated. separate

A. Cream. The fat ball has small density, moves upward and inward along the separation layer, converges in the center of main shaft and is discharged from cream outlet.  

B. Skimmed milk. The fat milk conveying pipeline along the line dredges the milk tube and the skimmed milk tube. After reaching the wafer, the separation layer between disc and sedimentation area, lead to skim milk outlet

C. Mechanical impurities and other impurities. The impurities with high density in raw milk are thrown to sediment chamber/area around the separator along the separation layer and automatically discharged regularly.

The centrifuge separate raw milk into skimmed milk, cream and impurities, cream could be use to make various cream product and skim milk with further process became skimmed milk on good shelves.

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