All parts of waste water treatment series decanter centrifuge are prepared to deliver to customer in US, Crown machinery’s decanter centrifuge series is a good replacement of belt filter in condition of sludge treatment and disposal process of ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant).

Below are some advantages of using a decanter centrifuge to replace the belt filter :

The horizontal screw decanter centrifuge can run continuously for 24 hours. The horizontal screw decanter centrifuge operate under the principle of centrifugal sedimentation, separate the solid and liquid. As the filter screen is installed, sludge will not cause the blockage.

Belt filter use filter belt to separate the solid and liquid, in order to prevent the filter belt from clogging, require continuously washing by high-pressure water.

When the feeding water’s concentration changes during the dehydration process via decanter centrifuge, the speed difference and torque of bowl and screw will automatically be tracked and adjusted, not require of a specific operator.

When using belt filter in same condition, belt speed, belt tension, dosing amount and flushing water pressure all need to be manually adjusted, thus a dedicated operator is necessary.

The centrifuge occupies small space, simple installation and commissioning, the accessory equipment only including the dosing system and feeding conveyor.

The belt filter occupies a large area, and the supporting equipment, in addition to dosing system and feeding conveyor, also needs flush pump, air compressor, sludge conditioner, etc. The high-pressure cleaning water mist and odor accrued during the operation.

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