The dairy and beverage market continues to expand. People desire high quality dairy products, therefore, the centrifuges and separators play a very important role of the production process.

Milk Clarification

Remove the mechanical impurities mixed with the milk via a disc centrifuge (DGS series, two phase separation) to preserve freshness.


Remove the fat from the milk with a disc centrifuge (DCM series, three phase separation) to form cream and skimmed milk.

Centrifugal Sterilization

Bacteria grows in milk, especially in heat-resistant spores and milk density. Centrifugal Sterilization is the use of a specially designed machine. This machine removes the bacteria, specifically bacterial spores, through isolated processing methods.

Disc Centrifuge is the key equipment used in the production of dairy products and has kept an irreplaceable role.


Milk Skimming Process

Milk Clarify Process


milk clarification

milk clarification

Milk Clarification Sample Processing Line

Milk Clarification Sample Processing Line

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