Fertilizer production Application via Centrifuge

Agriculture is the foundation of national economy. Fertilizer is an indispensable means of production in agricultural as a "food" for food. The demand of fertilizer production mainly comes from farmers in developing of agricultural economy, while...

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Chlorella Isolation testing via Tubular separator

According to customer and market demand, Crown Machinery is developing with a Chlorella concentrating tubular separator, by centrifugal force separated chlorella will adhere to the inner wall of centrifuge drum, its modified internal structure...

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Fermentation liquid extraction via Centrifuge

The pre-treatment and solid-liquid separation is the first step in the extraction of biochemical substances from microbial fermentation broth. The purpose is not only to isolate microbial cells and other suspended particles, but also to remove most of soluble...

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Protein tubular separator on spot

With isolation process of  pharmeceutical protein production. The main processes of “Alkaline extraction and acid precipitation” method including: pulverization, extraction, separation of dreg milk, acid precipitation, curd separation, neutralization and aging,...

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Diatom collection via Centrifuge/Separator

Diatom is a polar photosynthetic microorganism. It is a single-cell photosynthetic organism known as its rapid growth and high energy content. Diatoms can effectively use solar energy to convert H2O, CO2 and inorganic salts into organic matter, will become an...

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Ultra-speed Tubular Separator in red ginseng extract

Ultra-speed Tubular Separator in red ginseng extract Red ginseng (simplified Chinese: 红参; ) is steamed and dried ginseng, which has reddish color. Red ginseng is less vulnerable to decay than white ginseng. It is ginseng that has been peeled, heated through steaming...

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