Crown machinery develop a new type of disc centrifuge, focus on application of green beer clarification during brew production process.


Raw material→saccharify→fermentation→secondary fermentation →diatomaceous filtration+centrifuge→membrane filter(preliminary filter)→membrane filter(refined filtration)→bulking


This new type of brew disc centrifuge is also used to clarify the dry white grape juice , treatment before the fermentation of alcohol, which reduced the content of higher alcohols in wine and increase the content of lipid substances, especially the content of six-carbon, eight-carbon and ten-carbon and fatty acid ethyl esters, thereby enhancing the quality.


In the production process, the squeezed dry white grape juice is generally placed in a low-temperature decanting tank, the temperature is lowered to 0-5 ° C., and left standing for 1-2 days, then the supernatant is drawn and clarified through the centrifuge;










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