Milk Beverage Blending System

Mixing Tank

A Mixing Tank is a machine container that is used to blend various components together. The mixing tank can realize feeding control, discharging control, stirring control and other manual automatic control during the mixing process. And a heating device or a cooling device can also be arranged according to the technological requirements. The equipment is widely used in coatings, pharmaceuticals, building materials, chemicals, pigments, resins, food, scientific research and other industries. The volume can be customized.

Preparation Tank

The various solvents and intermediate carrier materials have to be first prepared before they proceed onto further production steps. This is usually carried out in bioreactors and fermentation tanks. These vessels are enclosed with a steam heating jacket to regulate the temperature inside the mixing process. The level measuring system is needed to control filling and discharge as well as monitor during the process.


It is a necessary equipment for the degassing of materials such as milk, juice and so on. Vacuum degasser is used to remove the liquid in the air (oxygen), inhibit browning, pigment, vitamins, flavor and other substances oxidation, to prevent the decrease of quality; remove attached suspending gas particles in the raw liquid, inhibit particles floating and maintain good appearance; prevent Prevent blistering to affect sterilization when filling and high-temperature sterilization and decrease corrosion of the inner wall of the container.


Homogenizer is used to make a mixture of two mutually non-soluble liquids the same throughout. This is achieved by turning one of the liquids into a state consisting of extremely small particles distributed uniformly throughout the other liquid. Homogenizer is mainly used in the field of biotechnology tissue dispersion, sample preparation in pharmaceutical field, enzyme treatment in food industry, foodstuff pesticide residues detection, veterinary drug residue detection, and the homogenizer is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, paint industry and petrochemical and so on.

Tubular Sterilizer

Tubular sterilizer can be used for heat treatment of various dairy products, fruit juice, beverage, syrup, soy sauce, alcohol, vinegar and liquid medicine. The material was fed into the stainless steel heating pipe with the high pressure pump, the steam enters the shell space and then heats the material flowing in the tube. the material will be discharged after several times go through the tube when reached the temperature and the holding time required for the sterilization, if not meet the requirements, then return to resterilization operation. The equipment is mainly composed of steam system, material system, hot water system and cooling system. And the parts have been assembled together, compact, small footprint, easy to transport and installation.


A Retort is also known as sterilization pot or a sterilizer which is mainly used in the food industry, medicine, and other fields. The retort is composed of a pot body, a pot cover, an opening device, a locking wedge, a safety interlocking device, a track, a sterilizing basket, a steam nozzle and a plurality of pipe orifices. The cover of the pot adopts an inflatable silicone rubber temperature resistant sealing ring, which is reliable in sealing and long in service life. With a certain pressure of steam as the heat source, it has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid material and easy control of heating temperature. The inner pot is made of acid and heat resistant Austenitic stainless steel. The machine equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve, beautiful appearance, easy installation, easy operation, safe and reliable.

Sugar Melting System

This system includes filtering and pumping. A melting tank which is used to melt sugar and other ingredients popular in beverage and beer industries.

Aseptic Filling Machine

The role of the aseptic filling machine is to pack the sterilized food, such as dairy products, in a sterile environment, sealed in a sterilized container, to obtain a longer shelf life without preservatives and without refrigeration.

Foil Sealing Machine

This sealing machine can seal the bottle with an aluminum foil cover, to prevent air or liquid products overflow. We offer a variety of Foil Sealing Machines for different industry purposes. These are widely appreciated by our customers for their performance, cost effectiveness, and durability. Duly tested by our quality analysts, these machines conform to the defined industry standards.

Bottle Conveyor

We offer a range of conveyor system for glass bottles, PET bottles, packs, and cartons. For different applications, we offer PET Bottle Air Conveyors from Blow moulding machines to filling machines and Chain Slat Conveyors for bottle filling or glass bottles and Bottle Inverters. Even for applications which require the sterilization of the bottle cap during production.

PLC controller for Sterilizers

The PLC controller for Sterilizers can achieve the sterilizer automatic operation function by setting the running parameters.